Purchasing good fruit is difficult and I hate Peruvians

It is often that one finds themself in the grocery section perusing produce for a nice piece of fruit to eat. Noting where the fruit comes from can be just as important as the characteristics that you are selecting the fruit for. I do not purchase fruit from Peru or Chile because they are tricksters who do not produce quality produce

Just because you call it a year round growing season because of your altitude doesn't mean it is

I don't really hate Peru or Chile. I just hate the disappointment I feel when seeing some reasonably priced produce only to discover that that it's produced there. The high altitude of these nations means that they're capable of growing some fruit year round rather than being stuck behind the usual seasonal limitations that we ground dwellers face. While this might sound great the reality of it is that fruit that I eat imported from these countries usually ends up being of a lower quality than local out of season varieties.

The art of fruit selection

There are a couple of rules that I generally follow when selecting fruit and I'm opinionated enough to make this site specifically to elucidate them to you

Go out and pick/eat some fruit